Empukani Health Clinic

Access to quality Health Care is hard to afford in Kenya, especially if you live out in villages like Empukani. Empukani is many off-road miles from the nearest government medical facility. The lack of access to simple urgent care, medicine, and preventative health care can cause minor illnesses, accidents, and injuries to be much more serious than necessary. Infant mortality is a big concern in this region, as many babies are still born in mud huts without a doctor close. The Maasai people asked for our help with health care in 2015, and thanks to generous support, the Empukani Health Clinic was constructed and opened in early 2017.

A Maasai physician named Dr. Moses graciously agreed to run the clinic and serve as the Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Moses is a highly respected member of the Maasai community, and the clinic has been busy since the day the doors opened. After food and water, access to excellent health care has made the biggest difference in the lives of the people in the area. We are proud to have not yet had to charge a single patient for medicine or treatment. As you can see from the graph below, people from villages all over, including Tanzania, are traveling to get to the Empukani Health Clinic. We are thankful for all the Lord has provided through this medical facility, and we are confident he is not done yet. This is only possible with continued financial support to pay for staff, medicine, and supplies.