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With a population of 46 million, 41% of Kenyans sill rely on unimproved water sources such as, ponds, shallow wells, and rivers. Along with this, 59% of Kenyans use unimproved sanitation solutions. This issue is magnified in rural areas. Only 9 out of 55 water services in Kenya provide people with a water supply that is continuous. Statistics show that 19 million people lack access to safe water and 27 million do not have improved sanitation.

The Kenyan village where Mission Maasai started its work is named Empukani. Empukani literally means ‘place with no water’. The Maasai people live a pastoral lifestyle, and the pursuit of clean water for the people and their animals is a big part of daily life. Through incredible support, we completed a borehole in 2015. This borehole has a diesel generator, well pump, and distribution infrastructure. There are troughs for the animals and storage tanks for drinking water. This has given the people of Empukani many resources that they did not have before and continues to be a huge blessing to these people.

Now that the well and infrastructure are in place, the ongoing costs for the water system include, diesel for the pump and a maintenance man for the equipment distribution system. Your support will provide the people of Empukani with water for many years to come as well as continue our mission to provide the Maasai people with the life-giving gift of the Gospel.

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Studies show that low nutirition can directly effect the development of a child. Ranging from cognitive abilities to vision and even language skills. Mission Maasai has committed to provide daily school lunches to the children who attend Empukani Primary School. The children walk up to 14 km to attend class every day and some go days without eating. Since Mission Maasai began providing food, almost 300 children have improved greatly in development, learning, testing, and attention during school. We are so proud of the children who complete Grade 8 at Empukani school, they have consistently tested higher academically when compared to their peers from other areas.

Feeding the children only costs $0.25 USD per day per child, but with almost 300 children to feed, the costs add up rapidly. Please consider helping us feed the children with a recurring gift. Providing food for a child does more than just feed their stomachs.

Because food is such a high priority within Mission Maasai, in addition to the school children feeding program, Mission Maasai is occasionally asked to help with food for widows and the elderly in times of drought and low resources. Thanks to generous supporters, we will continue to be able to answer the call, standing in the gap until the rains return.